Fred Bush

Fred Bush was appointed to Borough Council in 2019. He’s the current Chair of the Infrastructure Committee and Vice-chair of the Finance and Administration Committee. Projects he’s taken on include analyzing the police budget and setting up a pop-up bike lane.

Fred is originally from Rochester, NY, and went to Swarthmore College. After graduation, he got a taste of the Main Line commuting to a job at TV Guide in Radnor. After grad school, he followed his wife, Laura, another Swarthmore grad, to San Antonio for a decade, but they found they both missed the East Coast, and were lucky enough to find a home in Narberth.

Fred grew up in a family that loved board games and card games like canasta and euchre. While studying literature at the PhD program of the University of Rochester, he got into online poker, and pursued a career as a professional gambler. Among the highlights were a period where he lived in Las Vegas and trained other Swarthmore graduates to play in big tournaments like the World Series of Poker. He’s used to making quick choices for high stakes.

He mostly retired from poker after the birth of his daughter, Cassie (who is now 10), although he continued to publish articles about it. While taking care of her, he got involved with a research project on predictions and became a part-time “super forecaster”, making predictions on future outcomes of geopolitical events. As a result, he’s learned a lot about the theoretical underpinnings of making good decisions and absorbing information about complex situations.

Since moving to Narberth, he’s coached soccer games, helped start a board games club, volunteered at the New Horizons Senior Center, chaired the Borough’s Recreation Board, and served as lead coordinator for the environmental group Narberth 2050.

Fred brings an analytical approach to decision making. He made a spreadsheet when he moved back to the area to compare various Main Line towns, and Narberth ticked all the boxes. He enjoys researching new topics and digging into the minutiae of Pennsylvania municipal government and Narberth’s budget.

Politically, he’s most interested in building a sustainable future for Narberth, and has been excited to vote for a climate action plan and work on clean energy and multimodal transportation projects. He’s also interested in ways to create greener infrastructure for Narberth — for instance, supporting electric vehicles, and encouraging sustainable development.