Narberth’s Parks

Narberth’s parks are thriving, and have the strong support of Borough Council and our Narberth Forward Together slate. We take seriously the charge from our Comprehensive Plan to “protect and enhance parks and open space resources throughout the Borough.” Council has taken several active steps to improve them. We support improved and expanded open space with recreational amenities for all ages, including underserved groups

Over the last few years, Council has provided for new playground equipment for Sabine Park, and new baseball netting for Narberth Park, a project done with the support of NIDA and slate member Ira Winston. The creation of the position of Public Works Director brought a higher level of oversight and care to the maintenance of the parks, including safety repairs and inspections to playground equipment. 

In addition, Borough Council unanimously passed Resolution 2020-09 to protect or expand green space under its control within the Borough, including a specific pledge to seek proposals that would expand or improve the green space at Sabine Avenue.

A new provision being developed for incorporation into our Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance will require developers to contribute land or money to support the Borough’s parks. Common in other municipalities, including Lower Merion Township, this will help us “secure additional funding for maintenance of open space and parks through municipal tools”, again in furtherance of the goals of our Comprehensive Plan. Council has worked with KCBA Architects and to identify park maintenance needs, and funded a planning process for the Parks and Recreation Board to provide the Board with access to KCBA’s skills for the purpose of creating a long-term vision for the parks.

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