Our Treasured Downtown

Narberth Forward Together will continue to use the full range of available tools  to support a thriving downtown. Council has supported the downtown through zoning, parking, and partnering with the Narberth Business Association. As one example, did you realize that Narberth Borough is one of the only municipalities which does not charge businesses for trash removal?

Narberth has long partnered with the Narberth Business Association and supported their array of downtown events, such as the Dickens Festival and various music festivals. Every event coordinated with the Business Association receives logistical support from the Borough, from Public Works and Police to trash removal. In addition, the Borough’s annual budget allocates $12,000 directly to support the  Business Association. We fully intend to continue these partnerships, as well as work to find additional ways to support our businesses.

During COVID, the Finance and Administration Committee led by Chair Cyndi Rickards and the Business Association jointly developed a process for businesses to apply for matching funds to support COVID safe measures. Another example of responsiveness was passing Resolution 2020-011 in July 2020 to permit and equitably allocate outdoor space for commercial activities and food sales in Narberth’s downtown to help businesses weather the COVID downturn. Yet another is the parking task force coordinated by Councilmember Paninopoulos which sought out a Business Association representative so business owners could share in the development of parking policy. 

Our small business owners repeatedly tell us they “need more shoppers.”  This was a grave concern prior to COVID and has been exacerbated by new retail and shopping habits. The density around our small retail downtown will provide shoppers to our businesses and volunteers for our events. Our Comprehensive Plan underscores our community’s desire for a thriving downtown. Narberth Forward Together has the experience and the commitment to use use every tool available to do just that.

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